Randy D. Horsak www.CrossInTheBackground.com

Chapters Titles
Chapter 1 Memories as a Little Boy
Chapter 2 Why God Gave us Fathers
Chapter 3 "Honor Your Father"
Chapter 4 Friday Night Hero
Chapter 5 Learning to War
Chapter 6 The Island That Changed My Father
Chapter 7 To Kill, or Not to Kill
Chapter 8 World War II and PTSD
Chapter 9 Understanding PTSD—a Clinical View
Chapter 10 Understanding PTSD—a Child's View
Chapter 11 Understanding PTSD—an Adult Son's View
Chapter 12 Understanding PTSD—Taking a Look Back at My Life
Chapter 13 PTSD - Unto the Third and Fourth Generations
Chapter 14 So, What Happened to Cricket?
Chapter 15 Two Logs, One Fireplace
Chapter 16 Non Est Mea Culpa
Chapter 17 The Post Superstar Life
Chapter 18 The Knitting of God
Chapter 19 Forgiving, But Never Forgetting
Chapter 20 Coming Full Circle