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Other Information on the Battle of Okinawa...

The 96th Division (The "Deadeyes") lives on!  Even though most of the originial Deadeyes from World War II are deceased, their stories and legends are still available through some astounding websites:


You Tube Video
YouTube Video of the Battle of Okinawa
There are dozens of interesting war videos, but this one is in color!  It's really hard to watch this video — a lot of suffering by everyone involved — the American Military, the Japanese defenders, the civilians caught in the middle.

Okinawa Today,
50 Years After the Battle of Okinawa
Not exactly the same place it was in 1945.  Yesterday, the sounds of war.  Today, the sounds of colleges and businesses.

Great Book About the 96th Army Division Combat Experiences

"Love Company: Infantry Combat Against the Japanese on Leyte and Okinawa"
by Donald Dencker

Available for purchase from the author:
Mr. Donald Dencker
128 N. Musket Ridge Drive
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 53590

Don has almost become a "surrogate dad" to me — he not only fought in the same Army unit as my dad, but also wrote a great book!  Manages a great website about the 96th Army Division:

Another Great Book About the Battle in the Pacific During World War II

"Morning of the Rising Sun:  The Heroic Story of the Battles for Guadalcanal"
by Kenneth I. Friedman, PhD

You can tell from the websites alone that Dr. Ken knows his history.



Yet Other Great Books About the War in the Pacific

"The Ultimate Battle"
By Bill Sloan
Bill Sloan is a professional author, and it shows.  Great book!

"With the Old Breed"
By E. B. Sledge
Written by a former combat infantryman in the Marine Corps who fought "next door" to my father during the Battle of Okinawa. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Sledge

"World War II"
By Stephen E. Ambrose and C. L. Sulzberger
Large book with tons of information and photographs.

"The War"
By Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns
Another large book with tons of information and photographs.